Christian Dior – Capture Total – Multi Perfection Cream

Oh yes, there are creams and then there are creams!  And this is one of those amazing creams that just smell and feel like pure luxury.  But more importantly , it needs to do the work, and thankfully this does.  Yes it comes at a price -especially here in Australia, where everything is ridiculously expensive!

The Capture Total (pronounced toetale) is the creme de la creme of face creams for achieving a perfectly even skin tone and reducing lines and imperfections.  I tend to use mine at night, even though there is a night cream in the range, I do find the cream rather rich and I enjoy feeling that richness on my face in the evening when all make-up traces have been removed and my face is yearning for a feeling of nourishment and softness.  This delivers.  The fragrance is the epitome of french luxury cosmetics and you can tell that there have been years of research to achieve the right ingredients and results.

Its an investment for the skin!  It does come in a 60ml, so this does make the price a bit easier to digest.  The richness allows you to only need a fine layer for the skin, making it go a long way. So it is worth it!


Dior Airflash Foundation

I have been a bit slack with my posts of late, due to wedding planning and many other chores.  But I am happy to be back with a foundation MUST!

I just Jadore this foundation! Its so incredibly easy to use, far easier than you would ever imagine. Even if you are not a makeup artist, it will be easy to use.  My advise if you are not feeling confidant to spray directly onto the skin or if you don’t feel comfortable creating an even spray is to try to use a Kabuki brush to apply.  You really wont need very much of this fine mist sprayed directly onto the brush and apply to the face –  starting at the centre of the face and working outwards to the jawline.  If you need to cover more just add more to your brush. You can easily build it up like this.

You will get the most beautiful airbrushed effect and the mother of pearl pigments give you that fresh dewey look that epitomises health and fresh-face.

It really is that good.  I receive many compliments about my skin when I use this. So be brave and give it a go! You will be more than happy with the result and its most definitely on the list of “must haves” for special occasions where you will be in photos looking your very best! s978817-main-hero

Dior Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

I have been trying an abundance of Dior products lately and will be posting quite a lot of reviews about the brand.  My new favourite product has to be this Maximizer, which actually works wonders on the eyelashes! When you apply it at first, you get white lashes, this does dry and and the colour fades. Then apply your Mascara and you get the most amazing length and definition. It really works! The great thing about this product is that it’s proven to work as a serum to condition  and strengthen the lashes. Some have even used it before they go to bed at night to get the best of out it. You could apply this to your eyebrows as well, with growth being reported after just a few weeks. Its really fantastic. I will certainly use this again and again. I really enjoy watching my lashes look full and feel really conditioned and healthy.



Be a Bombshell Onyx eyeliner



For a smokey eye effect:  I have to admit this one is pretty straight forward. Its glam and anyone who loves make up can look good with a smoky eye effect , if applied correctly.  Use a good base and  eye shadow to begin with, try this Bombshell Onyx for finishing off your smoky eye look. Voila! The nib really makes this child play.


Tip.  Keep the rest of the face fresh and highlighted to accentuate the smokey eye effect.  Pale lips will finish the look off very well.beautiful-smokey-eye-makeupUnknown


Neroli Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Neroli Essential OilThe health benefits of Neroli Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antidepressant, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, bactericidal, cordial, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, disinfectant, antispasmodic, deodorant, digestive, emollient, sedative and tonic substance.

Neroli oil is yet another essential oil from a citrus fruit. Because of that fact, most of its medicinal properties match those of other citrus essential oils. This oil is extracted by steam distillation of flowers of Neroli which has the botanical name Citrus Aurantium. There is another name, Citrus Vulgaris, which is often assigned to it as well. The chief components of this essential oil are Alpha Pinene, Alpha Terpinene, Beta Pinene, Camphene, Farnesol, Geraniol, Indole Nerol, Linalool, Linalyl Acetate, Methyl Anthranilate, Nerolidol and Neryl Acetate.

Ever heard about Eau-de-Cologne? Do you know what it is traditionally made from? Well, now you do! It is made from this Neroli Essential Oil. Even the name Neroli is related to its use as perfume. Being world famous as a perfume doesn’t necessarily make something health though. What else does this essential oil do?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the impressive health benefits that humans can enjoy by using neroli essential oil.


Health Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

Antidepressant: If you cannot escape from depression, even when you are out at parties or discotheques, you can try this essential oil to relieve your chronic depression. Neroli Essential Oil drives away sadness, invokes a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting your overall mood. That is why this oil is extensively used in Aromatherapy techniques.

Aphrodisiac: Those who want to relive those pink and blue moments of their youth, even in their fifties, sixties or nineties should give this essential oil a try. It not only promotes arousal and increases the libido, but it also helps to cure loss of interest in sex, frigidity, impotence and erectile dysfunctions. It has also been known to create romantic and sexual feelings, which is very important for having a happy and successful sex life. As they say, “Sex is in the brains!”

Antiseptic: When you get a cut or wound and the doctor is too far to reach for an anti-tetanus injection, you should apply this oil on your wounds. This will effectively protect your wounds from infections and tetanus. You can then take your time to visit the doctor, but you should still definitely see a physician, just in case.

Bactericidal:  This powerful essential oil kills bacteria and keeps your body free from a number of microbial infections and toxins. In diseases like cholera, typhoid, and food poisoning as well as certain skin conditions caused by bacteria, this oil may prove useful in giving considerable relief.

Cordial: Do you want some protection from colds during the winter? Neroli essential oil would be a very good choice. It will keep you warm and won’t let coughs and colds infect you. It will also curb the production of excess mucus and make it easy for you to breathe and sleep in winter.

NeroliCarminative: This will make an “Exit” sign for the gases that build up inside your stomach and intestines. You know how it feels when you are relieved of your gases. You feel light, your appetite comes back, no more indigestion, inflammation is gone, as are stomachaches. On top of that, you get a lower blood pressure as a bonus.

Cicatrisant: This property of Neroli Essential Oil works better than any anti-mark cream or lotion. In fact, some herbal anti-mark applications use this essential oil. This causes scars, spots and after-marks left by acne, boils, and pox to fade away.

Cytophylactic: Neroli essential oil promotes the generation of new cells and stimulates the health of those already present. This makes you grow bigger, stronger and healthier.

Disinfectant: It disinfects the body as well as your surroundings, while curing infections of the colon, prostrate, kidneys and urinary tracts when taken internally. In other uses, it helps cure skin infections and protects against new infections as well.

Antispasmodic: This essential oil efficiently handles spasms and gives relief from spasmodic coughs, cramps, spasmodic aches and spasmodic cholera. It also relaxes the muscles throughout the body.

Sedative: It sedates all of the organ systems and metabolic functions of the body, including those in your head. It gives relief from anxiety, distress, anger, depression, inflammations and irritations. In other words, it relaxes both the body and soul.


Tonic: Neroli essential oil safeguards all the aspects for good health, such as maintaining the correct rate of metabolism, proper circulation and a boosted immune system.

Deodorant: This essential oil can also drive away foul odors. It can be used on the body as a perfume or in rooms as room fresheners or vaporizers. This will not only drive away odor but will also disinfect the rooms against germs and toxins.

Digestive: Neroli essential oil promotes digestion and increases appetite.

Emollient: This is one of the most popular properties of neroli essential oil, which is its ability to care for the skin. It makes the skin smooth, free from infections and adds a glamorous glow. It also helps to maintain the right moisture and oil balance in the skin.

Other Benefits: It can be used to cure neuralgia, colitis, diarrhea and fat-cracks. It is also effective in reducing weight.

A Few Words of Caution: There are no inherent threats of using neroli essential oil. You should avoid using it when you need to concentrate on something or if you want to avoid sleep, due to its strong sedative nature.

Blending: Neroli essential oil blends particularly well with all citrus oils. It also mixes well with the essential oils of Benzoin, Geranium, Lavender, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Rosemary and Sandal Wood.


Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner (125ml)

I am in Australia, and have found this gem.  Its perfect for doing small miracles. Toning the skin & hydrating in hot weather, and long flights.  To top it off – its alcohol and paraben free.  Fabulous! And if that wasn’t enough, its infused with chamomile & rosewater to both soothe and tone.  No matter what skin type you have I believe this will do wonders. The motto of this brand is “skincare that doesn’t cost the earth” This product means it both terms as far as the least cause and effect on our planet and also price wise. Yay! Love it!

Do yourself a huge favour and get this! It will be a fantastic staple to add to your regime. I am adamant at how important toning of the skin is. I believe that your cream absorbs far better with a toner, and this one ticks all the boxes.  2_pic2

Premae Multi – Vit Smoothie Serum

I have been wanting to try out some new serum type creams lately, and this one arrived for me to do just that. I really liked the texture of this. It was actually quite milky compared to what I usually expect from a serum. But I imagine that is where the “smoothie” comes into it. This brand is apparently the world’s first allergen-free brand.  And that means that any skin type can use this with absolute conviction that you wont be breaking out in a rash, or needing any kind of medical emergency room for a flare up of any sort. In fact, if you have redness or acne, you should be considering this. I found it to be gentle and creamy. It has a slight natural lemongrass fragrance, which makes me think of mosquito repellent. I am not keen on the smell on my face. I used it after  I had a session in a steam room, which made my skin feel hydrated. Apply your moistures after this SERUM SMOOTHIE.It also contains Grapeseed which is fabulous to give a boost of anti-oxindants.  I would not say I am delighted by this serum, but I did like it.


TIP:~ Mix a few drops with your liquid foundation to aid in shine control. Creating your own BB cream. a4a68ba1a662af258622269c94707c6c


Where to begin to write a post for this cream from L’OCCITANE, and that is purely because I just can not stand the smell of this anti ageing face product! How it has become an award winning product is beyond me! I find it absolutely unwearable. If I am going to be spending £72,00 on a face cream, then it really does need to tick all the boxes. And for me, this has most certainly not done so. When I received my little pot to test, I was really excited – as I really do love L’OCCITANE products. I appreciate that 7 naturally derived flowers have used to produce this cream, but perhaps that is where they have overdone it all a bit.Way too much of everything. The smell is really sour ,pungent and almost old. The texture is ok, even average. And I could not use it for long enough to decide weather on not my skin would benefit from all these anti ageing ingredients. The packaging is divine. images

Mac Cremesheen Glass – Japanese Spring

I love Mac when it comes to lipgloss. The colours are always fabulous and what I love the most is that they are not sticky. I chose this one for my engagement party and it goes beautifully with summer floaty dresses. It glides on so smoothly and it feels luxurious. I normally love a sparkly shade, but when I saw this I was sold instantly! And I was right. It really is a superb colour that can literally go with anything that you are wearing. Day or night. It has a slight taste which is lovely. I cant fault it at all. When Mac decided to name this range Glass, they were accurate. It looks very glass like. Clean and crisp and fresh. Perfect!

The colour that I chose is JAPANESE SPRING. MG7726-1 MG7726

Bobbi Brown – Pot Rouge

Pot-Rouge-for-Lips-&-CheeksI love this. Its so pretty and it works so well. Whenever I have used my POT ROUGE I have been asked how I have such natural rosy cheeks. It does look very natural if you dont’ build  too much on and rather work it and blend it into the skin upwards from the cheekbone. Then apply to the lips for a matching polished effect.

What is even more incredible about this is that this pot will literally last you forever. It just never seems to go down and I have used my mine quite often. It really goes a long way.  The colour that I have is the PALE PINK. I love the creamy texture.


The thing with pots of products is that they do tend to pick up grime easily, so I would advise you to lightly wipe after use each time to keep it in good condition. Keeping products that do last endlessly can be a breading ground for germs, and can be the worst for acne.  So its vital to keep on top of making sure that your products are well looked after.



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