Dior Nail Polish

These two incredible DIOR colours are a win!

The first one is a limited edition shade sunkissed. It looks incredible. Get to the shops now and get your hands ready to impress with  DIOR nail polish. dior-summer-2015-tie-dye-collection-couture-color-gel-shine-and-long-wear-nail-lacquer-239-sunkissed


Once the limited editions are gone- they are almost impossible to find again. So enjoy them whilst they are available and stock up if you really love the colour. The Dior   brushes are amazing to paint with. They are perfect and I cant understand why other nail brands don’t use similar brushes for their nail polishes. Just incredible tools to paint with. It makes all the difference.

My next favourite colour is sundowner. Every time I wear this shade I get asked what I am wearing. It looks beautiful on the nails.


Always use a base coat to secure an even finish and help prevent discolouration on the nail. And always use a topcoat.

These are two very different but very beautiful shades.





Dior Backstage Pro’s

I have written about the Maximiser before in a blog post.  But I cant believe that I have not yet added the other DIOR Backstage Pro that I have been so fond of this last year. This is my “fresh favourite”. What I mean by that is that this addition  is literally going to give your face the freshest look.  Its a technique I use almost daily on clients when I apply makeup. And as soon as that client turns to look in the mirror at what I have done, they are stunned.

Take a look at this video And see for yourself. I can honestly say that I really do love these products, and I use them with confidence. Often.

My new makeup bag stable for the freshest cheeks you could ever imagine – Dior Rosy glow.  This incredibly fresh blush is the perfect fresh face look.Its so shockingly pink to look at, yet takes to your skin tone and just lifts the face up.  Its incredibly pretty. An absolute winner.


And then the brilliant Lash Maximiser. For that dramatic look with you eyelashes. I have found the best way to use this is to let the Dior Lash Maximiser dry for only a couple of seconds before applying the Dior Iconic Over curl.

These really are beautiful beauty products.




Picking Up The Pieces

There comes that time in life when you can finally look back and see things clearly.  There is a chance to laugh again, and a chance to finally look and reevaluate your dreams that you held so dear. The ones that you forgot because you got so terribly sucked into the worst kind of existence that you could possibly imagine for yourself. The dreams that got washed away almost as though a huge wave came crashing down and just like that, swept them all away.  One day you are standing there, and the magnitude of reality of what you emerged from is almost surreal.


The laughter had but all gone. Hearing your own laughter was once something you heard daily, and then for sometime it was gone. For a long time actually. And you thought about that. You thought about how you hadn’t heard that laughter anymore. You worried and wondered if you ever would. At some point you really believed that it was simply never coming back. This was it now. This is how it was always going to be. But then something does change and you do laugh again. woman_happy

And you begin to pick up the pieces and to restructure your original plan. You lost sight of that plan in the midst of the epic battle you managed to emerge from. But you emerge stronger and far calmer than you ever thought you could be. Because you are brave and bold. You start to love yourself again. Because that is where it all begins. With self love. Everything else begins to fall into place. Healing begins with self. Nothing much on the outside is going to fix you if you don’t start internally. Patience is needed. Lots of it. quotes-mood-boosting-jesse-dylan-600x411

Laughter has been known to heal. That is simply one of life’s natural joys and medicines.


I have not written for a while, and at times I feel so guilty for not doing so.  I am my worst critic, and I know that its important to keep writing for my blog to be in any way meaningful or helpful in any of the areas that I cover. I have even considered removing my blog so as not to make an ass of myself. But my gut feeling urges me to keep going.  What does any of this have to do with forgiveness you might ask?


When we feel stuck and tied up in the past we struggle to gain control of anything in the present.  It is very hard to put one step in front of the other when you are still struggling with things that are not completed or dealt with in your heart.

Even something as drastic as moving across the world wont solve the pain you might be carrying with you. No matter how hard you try to get a grip, you are still in that dark place. So how do you deal with past issues and set yourself free from the past pains you may have endured? How do you finally forgive and set yourself free?


The most important thing is to forgive yourself. This is vital. Forgive yourself for the decisions you made. As I have said before – none of us are victims. We are where we are  through choices that we have made. This does not mean that the situation we found ourselves in was gravely unfair and unjust, it just means we made a mistake and we must find a way to move on.  But what if we had a situation where another person behaved so badly towards us that we feel it is unforgivable? How do we forgive!


Well my take  on forgiveness is quite different to what many are preaching and conveying. I believe that you can not just forgive. That you have to be patient for this feeling to come at the right time.

I found myself in the worst situation a couple of years ago. I trusted a friend with my life and put my life in her hands and she abused that from the very first day I arrived. It was a huge decision to trust her to do the right thing to begin with, and after much assurance and persuasion, I made the bold decision to uproot my life and jump into the unknown. I took a massive leap of faith. That leap of faith cost me so many things. Including my health. My heart nearly packed up on me for good! It was the scariest and most damaging decision that I have ever made. But…..I made that choice. No one is to blame for that! So the forgiveness begins with me.

So what about forgiving the other person?

That does not even matter anymore. Just forgive yourself. Be gentle and kind to yourself and get help. I help people, and I still also need help. We are  all beings of the universe and we are all here together to make it work. Admitting you need to get help is good, it opens doors to recovery and support.

If you are not ready to forgive others for what they have done, then don’t worry about it! Too many books are telling you that you must forgive others to move on. Rubbish. Forgive you first. Set yourself free from the guilt of not forgiving others that have caused you pain.


Have patience for yourself and for the process. You can not force forgiveness. It cant just happen.

Be gentle and allow things to flow naturally. In time all the wounds of pain will heal. And those who deserve you will be around to enjoy the love you have to share.



No matter where you are in your life right now, you can change whatever you need to change. If that is what you want to do. There are dark times where you many not understand how to find your way out. You wake up one day and ask yourself – how on earth have I arrived here! And how am I going to get out!


It can happen to all of us, and it does happen to most of us at some stage in our lives.

The great thing about life, is that it will always change. And the light will appear again. Nothing ever stays the same.



We can arrive in any number of  situation’s where we have put all of our trust and faith in in an area or another individual and they let us down.  They made us big promises and go back on everything that they said.  Or whatever the reason.

We can tend to blame ourselves for this.

What are the signs that you are in a bad situation and you feel as though you have no way out?

Here are a few examples.

1) You start to lose your appetite or you gain a lot of weight.

2) You cry almost every day.

3) You have a sinking sad feeling in your stomach most of the time.

4) You start to lose your self confidence over a period of time. It begins to slip away.

5) You no longer feel worthy.

6) You no longer recognise the person you once were.

7) Things that once made you laugh and happy no longer feel familiar.

8) You health starts to suffer. You may get heart palpitations frequently. (in severe cases)

9) You can’t seem to see a way out.

10) You may get suicidal thoughts. (in very severe cases)

Please seek help. There are a number of avenues to get help for ever feeling any of the above.

And no matter what you are going through – if it is not making you feel worthy, then find a way to change it.


We will always find ourselves amongst people that will think that they are better than us, or the next person. This is simply a fact of life. And it is also greatly shameful of those folks that think themselves better than anyone. They are living in an ego based bubble. Try to remove yourself from this kind of person as soon as you can. Not so easy these days! The planet is rife with toxic people. But there are also more good people. Its the ying and yang of life.


You are more than enough just the way you are. We are all on this splendid journey to learn and to grow and to love. There is nothing more important than love. That is all there is. It is the basis of everything.

Self love is the MOST important step forward.

More on that subject next time.



Prime Your Skin

Essential prep for going out.  Always use a good moisturiser cream. Prime the skin. I have used Dior backstage skin primer.  Next use a good foundation like Dior Star and last but not least, I have finished this look off with Airflash foundation. Its the most amazing airbrush affect, and I always love using it to get that flawless look.  IMG_5487

My last details that I have used here are to use a primer for the eyelids. Again –  I have used a  Dior Backstage product eye primer . The Dior backstage products were created by makeup artists that worked behind the scenes at the Dior fashion shows to create the best looks. They are amazing products.

Finish off with bronzer and blush, and of course – lashings of mascara.

Yoga girl

I recently decided to take up some yoga after following a young woman on Instagram that my sister-in-law recommended to me. Her name is Rachel Brathen aka Yoga_girl  & her story gripped me instantly. I saw similarities and her husband is partly Dutch I believe. When I see them on Instagram in Amsterdam , it makes me feel close to home in many ways.  She speaks from the heart and her posts are everything from joy to happiness to travel and even heartbreaking pain.  What this woman has achieved through social media and a love of what she does is just incredible and a real sign of the times of the world that we now live in.  A real inspiration to an incredible amount of people, me included!




So after months of reading Yoga_girl’s posts and wishing that I was in all  the places that she has taught around the world. The best thing happened. She launched some yoga videos to do at home!  I did not hesitate to purchase mine. Who better to learn from than someone who teaches around the world, and has more than a million followers on Instagram right? I began my first one a few days ago, and managed to complete my second one today. They are fabulous! And I know that I will see results if I stick to doing them.  One day I will be able to attend one of her classes in person.  I stretched places on my body today that I honestly never knew I had! And that is saying a lot for someone who does Pilates regularly.  The very first day that I did her first video, I must have opened up a few chakras that have been shut due to a lot of past pain, because I sobbed after. It was a real release.


Yoga_girl has a variety of yoga that she teaches including SUP yoga .  Rachel and her husband are the one and only certified legal  SUP business.  This is a stand up paddle board method on a Bogayoga board, that I believe her and her husband Dennis, also an instructor –  have devised and mastered.  This is done in her hometown of Costa Rica and in other fabulous beach locations around the globe.


I urge all of you to follow Yoga_girl on Instagram and to get connected on her website for up and coming events in your city around the globe. http://rachelbrathen.com/blog/

I can absolutely recommend her yoga videos to use in the comfort of your home.  They are incredibly peaceful, challenging and powerful.

I will keep you updated with my progress.


Gut Feelings & Destinations

I hung up the phone and looked out of my window in Amsterdam. The call came from a person I considered to be a friend at the time. I had a choice, two in fact.  Stay in Amsterdam living in my stunning apartment, or take a leap of faith and trust this person who was offering me something new and exciting. I was going through a rough patch, why not I thought to myself.

As It happened it turned out to be the worst mistake I have ever consciously made in my life!  And I have made a few along the way. I am quite comfortable admitting when I have made mistakes.  Many people are unable to admit to their mistakes and refuse to believe that they are capable of being arseholes.  It is those that refuse to admit they have wronged- that are the ones that are the most dangerous.  They live in this cloud of self righteous ego that is incapable of seeing other’s perspectives other than their own.  Stay away from this kind of person. Learn to detect them soon. The signs are always ALWAYS there.  But often we chose to not see  what is right before our very eyes.

spring hanging Vin on the move via Compfight


There is never any guarantee in life about the next step you take towards your dreams.  But…..there are a few golden rules that I ignored before I left the city that gave my daughter  and I our lives back after Africa.

1) Gut feelings are the most crucial and most honest guide you will EVER get in your life! Listen to your gut feeling. If I had listened to mine, I would never have had to call up a psychic to see if I was making the right decision to move to London.  I would have known without a shadow of a doubt that the decision was wrong.  Because my initial gut feeling said NO.

2) Do not trust anyone who is offering you the sun, moon and stars who has generally been an unstable gypsy most of their own lives! They cant possibly offer you stability when they haven’t had any themselves.   Looking at a persons past is a good reflection of what their future will be like, and you are are putting your life in someones hands, it had better be the hands of someone who is responsible and decent and honest. i.e. wont go back on their word that they gave to you and the promises made,  the day you arrive.

3)  Open your eyes and look for the signs.  They are without a shadow of a doubt there! I can categorically affirm that I ignored all of these signs. And that led me down the darkest roads that I ever wished to travel.

If you have made a big mistake in a decision. Don’t beat yourself about it. You are human and you will take lessons learned and apply them wisely to the next chapter of your life.  Nothing is for nothing at the end of the day. Lessons learned are lessons earned.


Chose wisely. And I leave this thought with you.

If it sounds too good to be true, most of the time it most probably is!




Green Smoothie


This is the most heavenly tasting smoothie to start the day with!

1/3 Banana

1/3 Avocado

Big handful of organic spinach

Big handful of organic kale

Frozen grapes (about 6 large ones)

1 TBS of organic coconut oil

Fill your blender just a 1/3 with cold spring or filtered water
add the spinach and then the rest of the ingredients and blend on high.

It is the dreamiest taste and its super healthy to start your day.

Light Smokey Eye


When you are doing a smokey eye, it can be done in any colour as long as you blend it well.
Try different things when you are experimenting with colours. Yes there are some rules with make-up, but you can bend the rules to make it your own version.

Here I chose to use bronze summer colours for a daytime smokey effect.
This lightens the eyes up and does not give you the feeling of a heavy eye for day. Instead it lifts. lightens and brightens.

Colours of my eyeshadows are from SHU UEMURA

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