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I hung up the phone and looked out of my window in Amsterdam. The call came from a person I considered to be a friend at the time. I had a choice, two in fact.  Stay in Amsterdam living in my stunning apartment, or take a leap of faith and trust this person who was offering me something new and exciting. I was going through a rough patch, why not I thought to myself.

As It happened it turned out to be the worst mistake I have ever consciously made in my life!  And I have made a few along the way. I am quite comfortable admitting when I have made mistakes.  Many people are unable to admit to their mistakes and refuse to believe that they are capable of being arseholes.  It is those that refuse to admit they have wronged- that are the ones that are the most dangerous.  They live in this cloud of self righteous ego that is incapable of seeing other’s perspectives other than their own.  Stay away from this kind of person. Learn to detect them soon. The signs are always ALWAYS there.  But often we chose to not see  what is right before our very eyes.

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There is never any guarantee in life about the next step you take towards your dreams.  But…..there are a few golden rules that I ignored before I left the city that gave my daughter  and I our lives back after Africa.

1) Gut feelings are the most crucial and most honest guide you will EVER get in your life! Listen to your gut feeling. If I had listened to mine, I would never have had to call up a psychic to see if I was making the right decision to move to London.  I would have known without a shadow of a doubt that the decision was wrong.  Because my initial gut feeling said NO.

2) Do not trust anyone who is offering you the sun, moon and stars who has generally been an unstable gypsy most of their own lives! They cant possibly offer you stability when they haven’t had any themselves.   Looking at a persons past is a good reflection of what their future will be like, and you are are putting your life in someones hands, it had better be the hands of someone who is responsible and decent and honest. i.e. wont go back on their word that they gave to you and the promises made,  the day you arrive.

3)  Open your eyes and look for the signs.  They are without a shadow of a doubt there! I can categorically affirm that I ignored all of these signs. And that led me down the darkest roads that I ever wished to travel.

If you have made a big mistake in a decision. Don’t beat yourself about it. You are human and you will take lessons learned and apply them wisely to the next chapter of your life.  Nothing is for nothing at the end of the day. Lessons learned are lessons earned.


Chose wisely. And I leave this thought with you.

If it sounds too good to be true, most of the time it most probably is!




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