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Créme de la mer

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On 24/06/2016
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I have been fortunate enough as a beauty stylist to try out some amazing products over the two years.  And one of my very favourite products has to be La Mer.

This product was developed many years ago by a scientist who burned himself doing one of his experiments, and he developed La Mer to heal his burns and scars with amazing results.

Its not just an anti ageing product , it is a product that has incredible healing properties due to the organically harvested kelp. They call this the miracle broth – this is the ingredient that goes into the Créme de la Mer.

It is not a product that is considered affordable.  But having said that, with this product – across all of its product range – less is more. You really don’t need to use very much for great results.  It is quite simply, superb.


I can honestly say that it leaves your skin feeling smooth and nourished. You can notice the change.

But what is more incredible,  is that over time it actually heals the skin. So those fine lines and open pores become considerably less.  When you wake up in the morning your skin looks dewey and fresh. Your skin will feel soft to the touch and a big bonus is the smell. It smells like luxury and it feels like luxury.  If you have quite problematic skin- La Mer is the answer. So this range is good for most skin types.  And again, this product was originally made to heal a very damaged skin. But what followed was not only the benefits of healing , but an anti-ageing second to none.

Its a wonderful product and it is well worth the money you pay for it.

If you want to invest in your skin. I would invest in La Mer.

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