This Mornings Green Smoothie

photoMy morning routine would not feel right without a GREEN SMOOTHIE. I have been drinking these magical potions for many years now.  The benefits are endless, and some people have even reported a reversal of grey hairs. Once you push through the feeling of the fact that it looks too green to drink, you will find yourself looking forward to drinking them. And I LOVE the green. I can honestly say that GREEN SMOOTHIES have changed my life, in the most positive way possible.  Use leafy green vegetables, not just spinach. And preferably organic. I see no point in blending veggies that have been sprayed with pesticides. That would be defeating the whole object of allowing the goodness of the greens to work their magic in the body. If you can’t get hold of organic or you find that they are too expensive, then get a good veggie wash.


2 handfuls of spinach

Half a banana

Frozen mixed tropical fruit of choice.

Miracle matcha powder

Flax seeds

Large cup of water

Blend on high speed until your smoothy is creamy. They are delicious!

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