Setting Goals

As I mentioned before in one of my  posts, my blogs would be  less frequent due to my studies this year.  But I thought I would give a little update.  I received my last four assignments today. And the feeling is utter elation.

I can not even begin to imagine how far I have come over these two and a half years.  Its amazing what we can achieve if we set our minds to it, and if we set goals.


I am going home next month. Home is still Amsterdam to me. Well its home away from home.

And the excitement is brimming inside of me to see my daughter Skye, family and friends,  and to ride my bike around the  canals and places that are just so familiar to me and just home…

But before I planned my trip I had work that needed to be done. I had to complete my 14th assignment.

That means work handed in, marked by the teachers and passed. Here in Brisbane the summers are hot and very humid.  They are long and at times unbearable.  I made my decision that before I left to go home, I needed to get most of this done before the summer arrives and energy levels slow down.  I set about writing my goals down, and using highlighter to achieve just that.  As I zipped through hours and hours of study and assignments – each written goal in front of me began to be “ticked” off.  Whilst I am not yet done with the rest of my study. I am near the end. And this has been done with a very energetic job of being a beauty stylist.  I say this because I am not a spring chicken.  Fortunately I am pretty fit and healthy.




I know that in years to come I will look back and wonder how on earth I managed to achieve it. There are days that I am so exhausted I can barely walk another step.  But having goals and achieving them is the most blissful experience ever.  There really is nothing that you can not achieve. If you have a plan, set about writing it all down. And watch those pages turn with more goals.




There is something to be said about setting goals and steadily achieving them.  There is something magical about having it all planned out on paper. Something happens. You set about achieving those goals. Make sure that you regularly look at what you have written to stay on track.  It must be quite visible to you.  There is something magical about ticking things off the list. It drives you to do more and more.  Don’t set unrealistic goals. Keep checking back to see that you are going at a steady pace. If you slip up one week, don’t become despondent and pack it all in. Just get back on track,  and if you need to – adjust the goal post slightly.

I am perfectly comfortable with admitting that I am looking very forward to a whole weekend without studies this holiday. And because I reached my goal, I will be doing what I love – guilt free.

I am looking forward to exploring some of Australia next year. Places around Brisbane,  like Noosa and many other magical places.  Life will be taking on a whole new meaning after I have reached this years goals.

There will be more goals to come to really propel me on the road to success. But for now,  this one has been reached.  And I cant wait to go back home.


Stopping Smoking – Max Kirsten

It was  a little over two years ago that I quit smoking.  I never thought  I would be able to quit! I smoked a pack a day! I never was one to smoke a whole cigarette, but I still went through a pack a day.




I was ready to leave the UK after a hellish journey in my life and I was headed to Australia.  I had wanted to stop smoking for a long time, but I also knew how expensive smoking was in Australia and that I couldn’t purchase my favoured brand.  They were an organic brand from the states, and I loved my cigarettes. I really did. They were my best buddies and constant companions.  In Holland they were affordable and in Spain they were even cheaper if I managed to get hold of some on holidays.  I thought I would always be addicted to my cigarettes and deep down often prayed that I could one day be strong enough to quit.  They were there for me when I was having fun, when times were good and when times were bad.


I did my research and found a highly capable man who had cured a few celebrity clients that had advocated his success and all that jazz. I chose  Max Kirsten.




I felt exactly the same as Ewan McGregor describes in this video – he went to Max Kirsten to have hypnotherapy.  So that is what I decided I would do. I wanted to go to someone who I knew would be able to deliver the goods.  Obviously he doesn’t only help with quitting smoking. There are a large number of hypnotherapy treatments he offers.

I clearly remember walking around the corner from Harrods about to have my last cigarette outside his front door just after 2pm in the afternoon.  I emerged from this fascinating man’s office after spending over 3 hours being treated my him. He was warm, friendly, funny and above all – very capable.  The hypnotherapy he gave me was tailored for me. Using situations and circumstances to assist me to cope with the drastic measure I was taking to improve my life.  I was ready to let go of everything at the time.  Toxic “friends”, toxic habits, toxic circumstances.  You name it. It was all going! And gone it was.




I also had quit in what was possibly one of the most hideously stressful times I could clearly EVER recall. Shortly after that  I had a cough for  two months solid. I could not ever talk without barking and spluttering.  I was detoxing my lungs in a epic way. Detoxing not just the tar and nicotine on my lungs but the whole situation I was emerging from. It was a very spiritual process for me. I was letting go of so much more than cigarettes.  And two years later –  I’m still smoke free.   I gained some weight, which I am still in the process of shedding.  But I’m on the road to perfect health and happiness.  I always had excellent skin, and I now maintain that. My skin has never looked better.  I am able to power walk up hills in no time at all. And my lung capacity has increased measurably.  I am incredibly blessed to be as fit and healthy as I am. I also feel very blessed to have quit when I did and with Max Kirsten. I certainly chose the best for myself.

And I will end my blog off today with this.

If I can stop smoking – Anyone can stop smoking! And that is a fact.






Dr Wayne Dyer

Sadly one of the greatest people of our times has suddenly passed away.  I honestly considered Dr Wayne Dyer to be a modern day guru.  He was at the foremost of teaching some of the most incredible lessons that we- as his students could ever learn.




I stumbled across his work and his books quite some time ago.  I  happened to be going through a difficult time.  I was living in Amsterdam and a friend of mine worked in a bookshop across the way in one of the shopping streets in the centre of town. The bookshop is Waterstones.  I absolutely loved going in to the shop to get my magazines and books of all kinds.

At the time one of Skye’s (my daughter’s) friend’s mother worked there. It was a largely english speaking shop catering for the expats and for tourists, and of course Dutch too.  The mom was a Reike healer and believed in all the magic in life too. One day she visited with a whole bag of books that she had been collecting over the years from working at waterstonesand she kindly left the bag for me to stifle through and help myself to what I felt was valid to me, and the rest to return for her to pass on to others.  Out of this bag onto my carpet fell a small book called Manifest your destiny As I mentioned earlier, at the time I was going through a particularly rough patch and this book changed everything for me. And I mean everything as I knew it.

My eyes opened wide. Life changed into this magical adventure where I no longer needed to struggle so much, and rather looked at how I could change my outlook from the inside to change the outside. It had the most profound affect on me. One little book of magic. Literally! That is where my relationship began with this amazing man. Dr Wayne Dyer.  I threw myself into reading more and more of his work, and to this day he is one of the most fatherly figures to me in my life. The real father I never had. The love and the passion he has had to share has been immense. I feel a deep sense of loss with him having left. I can only imagine what his family must be feeling. A real loss. I have genuinely felt a sense of grief. He was just so beautiful and so incredibly special. How lucky we are to be blessed with such beings that come and guide us lost souls and show us the way to the light! WayneDyerQuote1

To this very day the man himself guides me in some way. As I myself am studying to be a counsellor just like he once did. His famous book your erroneous zones will become a staple of mine to serve my clients. I know this for sure and intended that before I began my studies! I will carry this mans work with me forever. And I genuinely pay tribute to him. I watched his movie that was put up for one week on his Facebook page, and I cried. The movie called the shift. Just knowing he is no longer here with us, hearing that magical deep voice, that beautiful smile, those big helping hands, the amazing stories.  Dr Wayne Dyer I miss you already. And I salute you and I love you very much. I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all the good you have done and how you changed my life, or should I say – produced material for me and millions of others to change our lives for the better. We can always do better! I send prayer to your wonderful children and your daughter Skye, your family and all you friends and colleagues.  How sad they must all be. We all know you were not scared at all of dying.



Thankfully your work will be around much longer than all of us and it will reach and teach many more lost souls.




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