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I recently decided to take up some yoga after following a young woman on Instagram that my sister-in-law recommended to me. Her name is Rachel Brathen aka Yoga_girl  & her story gripped me instantly. I saw similarities and her husband is partly Dutch I believe. When I see them on Instagram in Amsterdam , it makes me feel close to home in many ways.  She speaks from the heart and her posts are everything from joy to happiness to travel and even heartbreaking pain.  What this woman has achieved through social media and a love of what she does is just incredible and a real sign of the times of the world that we now live in.  A real inspiration to an incredible amount of people, me included!




So after months of reading Yoga_girl’s posts and wishing that I was in all  the places that she has taught around the world. The best thing happened. She launched some yoga videos to do at home!  I did not hesitate to purchase mine. Who better to learn from than someone who teaches around the world, and has more than a million followers on Instagram right? I began my first one a few days ago, and managed to complete my second one today. They are fabulous! And I know that I will see results if I stick to doing them.  One day I will be able to attend one of her classes in person.  I stretched places on my body today that I honestly never knew I had! And that is saying a lot for someone who does Pilates regularly.  The very first day that I did her first video, I must have opened up a few chakras that have been shut due to a lot of past pain, because I sobbed after. It was a real release.


Yoga_girl has a variety of yoga that she teaches including SUP yoga .  Rachel and her husband are the one and only certified legal  SUP business.  This is a stand up paddle board method on a Bogayoga board, that I believe her and her husband Dennis, also an instructor –  have devised and mastered.  This is done in her hometown of Costa Rica and in other fabulous beach locations around the globe.


I urge all of you to follow Yoga_girl on Instagram and to get connected on her website for up and coming events in your city around the globe.

I can absolutely recommend her yoga videos to use in the comfort of your home.  They are incredibly peaceful, challenging and powerful.

I will keep you updated with my progress.


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