Clearing Clutter

Well its been some time since I’ve given any attention to my blog. And I can honestly say I wont be back as frequently as I would like to –  but that is because I am studying hard to be a counsellor.  It is my priority at the moment. I have every intention of making my blog a priority too. My two years of studying will conclude at the end of the year.  I work as a beauty stylist as well. So juggling work & study is exhausting both physically and mentally.  But I’m getting there. I will post as much as I can leading up to that. I am grateful for the regular visitors that I do have coming back to my blog to see what I have posted. Thank you.

I felt the need to write about clutter. 

I was asked by a friend of mine to help her clear the clutter that she has accumulated over the years with her family and two small children. She asked if I could go around to her house and just help her decide what to do with the “stuff”.

I offered to go and collect her designer goodies and re-sell them on Ebay,  and then we could come up with a plan for the rearrangement of her other items that she wanted to sort trough.   As soon as I stepped into her house –  I was overwhelmed. There is no other way of expressing how much “stuff” she and her husband had accumulated over the years.  It was beyond anything I have ever seen before, and it was way out of my comfort zone to be able to challenge on my own.


I remember back to when I left Amsterdam to embark on my journey to London. I detoxed what I had assumed to be a large amount of my belongings.  Everything that I thought I desperately needed,  I packed into boxes . It was all happily sent on its journey to my new apartment, which was a cardboard box flat in London.  I had come from such a beautiful place and moved into a shit hole.  Around me were my boxes piled high from floor to ceiling. I had hoped that it was going to be temporary, and that I would soon be living in a place that was more up my alley.  Much like my previous apartment in Amsterdam.

I made the flat in London look as good as I could with the help of my husband, and I ended up living there for two years. Still- with all my boxes piled from floor to ceiling.  Looking back now – I see how desperate I was to hold onto what I had. I did not want to let go of what I had worked hard for, or the lifestyle I had earned myself. The person I worked for in London had other ideas for me. All the promises of a better future were soon quashed, and reality was something very different.  Still I wanted my “stuff” so badly, that when we made the move to Australia –  I again shlepped all my “stuff” down under”. I was in an awful situaiton, and I was now in a battle with someone who no longer valued me, and kicked me to the curb. So all I had left was my “stuff”.  Desperately clinging onto my stuff.


Let me point out, that I have always been good at detoxing at home. So I had actually scaled down quite considerably.

Upon arriving in Australia our “stuff” went onto storage until we could get ourselves on our feet and find a place of our own. It took another year until we unpacked our boxes. So it had been a total of 3 years since I had actually seen my “stuff”

I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that I would not miss most of the things that I have shlepped from Amsterdam-London-Australia. In fact, what resulted in this whole journey- was that we  had collected so much shit along the way. Things that we did not really need. Things that weighed us down. My reasons for holding onto all of the things that I desperately did not wanted to let go of ? Fear. I was petrified of losing myself somehow. Losing what I had gained in the material world.

Don’t get me wrong. I love beautiful things, and I always will. And I still have many of my beautiful things.  But I lost so much of myself in that whole experience, that I was desperate to cling on to what little I had left. The broken person with all the “stuff” has let go of so much.  I now only have the precious things that I don’t want to let go of. And I keep it all very simple. When you walk into our home, its clutter free and you can breath. I still intend to let go of much more.

I noticed that when I unpacked those boxes that had made a bigger journey than most human beings do – that I could have easily lived just as though I had never seen most of it ever! That was the biggest lightbulb moment for me. images

I had essentially let go of so much.  I had finally moved on from a traumatic experience and no longer needed anything but my sanity. I am almost 99.9% sure that my last destination on earth wont be Australia. And so I keep it simple. I have kept things dating back to when my daughter Skye was a baby, that I still have. Immaculate soft toys – for when she has a child one day.  Her school reports. Family photos.  Sentimental things.Important documents. That kind of thing.  I have always been incredibly sentimental and I do have things from years ago that are still in mint condition. But I can now probably put them all in 3 large box and be very happy indeed. Apart from a few large pictures, that is is! Oh and one stunning Union Jack cabinet my husband made and gave me as a birthday present.  I wont ever accumulate the things I did before.




We simply don’t have to have everything. Its a mindset, and it can erupt into a dangerous one. I am often astounded at how much people think they need. Just in the same way as I was when I walked into that house last week. It felt heavy. The feeling of not having to have so much  is incredibly freeing and liberating. I cant stand clutter anyway. But we just simply don’t need it! The same applies to my clothing and to my shoes. And I love fashion and shoes. Whatever has not seen the light of day for longer than a year goes to someone else or goes to charity or I sell.  This amazing book by Marie Condo, the life changing magic of tidying up – is ideal way to make a great start for simplifying life and get things organised. But after you have let go of all the “stuff” that you do not need.  Keep it simple. Life is so much more than belongings.  Trust me you feel lighter and happier.





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