Here are a few testimonials from a clients from past workshop with Jess Moretti.

At the end of Jess’s workshop i felt confident in my ability to attract all good into my life.” – Lorna Buckler- Surrey England.

Jess you offer a professional and loving environment from which i experienced a place of safety, love and learning.” Jeanie from Cyprus.

Jess, thank you, you have such a beautiful energy, and it shone through in this workshop.” Jo Mayer – Bournemouth.

“Jess came into my life as a very special bright light. Her entering, no doubt, was an act of God. Her sweetness, understanding, ability to love and her commitment to share her spiritual gifts in such a down to earth manner, have shown me the unlimited power we all have within us. Her strong connection to spirit has helped me realize the high level of productive self reflection and our ability of self healing. With her ability to focus on positive energy I understood the pleasure in taking responsibility for my actions; this has opened the door to a life of pure essence for me. With her very selfless and kind, yet electric energy she has been the wind beneath my wings. The very first thing I learned from her is that “there is a spiritual solution to every problem” This was the start to understanding the purpose of my Journey. Ultimately, we can create, reinvent, define ourselves and every situation, and even it’s outcome if we are indeed tuned in on the right frequency level.  Jess – thanks for making my world sweeter. Bless you always, you are a true angel. Patzy Passalacqua – Holland.


“Jess has been a friend of mine for 8 years now. When I met her she was able to lead me toward’s a spiritual path. Just by pointing out some interesting books and theories that profoundly changed my views and subsequently my life- but this meant me waking up to a new world and consciousness that was dormant. It made me feel alive and so happy being able to see thing’s clearly, being able to really take the steering wheel of my life. For as long as I have know Jess, she has done this for many different people who have crossed her path. I find it very admirable how she is able to level with different kinds of people and to find ways to help them open up. She is a true blue and loving friend and a true guide. Love you lots Jess.”

Masja Loa – Amsterdam – Holland.226674_1046446719660_949174_n



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