Toxic Friendships

This is one of the  last blog’s of a certain experience that I had in my life over a year and a half ago that affected me badly. I needed to blog about it because it happens to most of us- and I feel its better out than in. We can all learn from toxic friendships.

I came across this incredible article – which totally summed it up perfectly – almost as though it has been written just for me, confirming everything of what I experienced over many years. I am sure many of you can relate as well.

We all come across highly toxic people in our lives – they are swimming around everywhere. They can’t wait to latch on and drive their negativity into your head and heart.

This kind of toxic friend comes into your lives pretending to be caring and loving. They hold the mask across their face as though they are friends. They are not friends. They are highly toxic.




What are these traits of highly toxic one sided friends?


* They will pretend to adore you – but turn when its no longer convenient for them and even turn very nasty.

* They will interfere with all your plans when you have made arrangements. Turning the attention onto themselves so that they can get what they want out of the situation.

* They will put you down at any given opportunity behind your back to make themselves look good.

* They will never defend you even when you have done good.

* They wont ever offer compliments back to you.

* They will try to make you look stupid to increase how they look to others.

* They are often jealous and insecure.

* They cant wait to come and share bad things that others have said about you. Even if those things are not at all true.




* They think that they know everything and always try to overshadow your views and the views of others.

* They are the biggest braggers and flashers of their lives on social media .

* They must impress and show off at any possible opportunity. They are quite vulgar and for example : must let others know that the sheets are not just sheets, they are Egyptian cotton sheets.

* They even admit to being able to cut people out of their lives in an instant. Admitting their own shallowness and lack of love and empathy.

* They pretend to be generous and kind, but its only for their own gratifications and convenience.

* They lack in self control.

* They never admit to their mistakes and never apologise.

* They over exaggerate the things that they have done for you, yet fail to admit what you have done for them.




There are so many toxic people that we come across and meet in our lives. Often keeping these people around for long amounts of time. Its only when we manage to step back and see who they really are that we are able to filter out the rubbish.

But there are also many good people out there. And life will offer up happiness and joy when you do step back and see clearly.


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