Welcoming The New Year


Starting the new year with a fresh outlook on life. Last year was filled with so much change again – many highs and lows, it was a roller coaster ride that emerged from the most hellish of all roller coaster rides! But I really feel that things are far more settled this year & a new insight gives way to be able to blog from the heart.
Im just going to shoot from the heart from now on. I have wanted to write my blog honestly for such a long time, and I have enjoyed the parts of the blog where I wrote about beauty. But now I am going to mash it up a bit and just blog. I am going to share some of these things with you. And keep blogging about things that I love and enjoy, things that make us happy and sad, good and bad. Things that will also help some of you reading this.

And again I begin my journey of self healing and getting back on track.

Welcome to you all and to the wonder that is life. (and make-up & glitter)

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